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Tutoring in the time of COVID-19

I am more than happy, even excited, to continue tutoring during these unprecedented times, but I'm very conscious of the responsibility we all hold.  I am doing extra sanitizing around here to keep us all healthy.  Keep in mind we all have younger, older, and more vulnerable family members to protect.  We can spread the virus even without showing symptoms of our own.

Most importantly, please stay home if you are sick, coughing, have a fever, OR have been exposed to someone who is sick, coughing, or has a fever.  These circumstances should apply for 14 days after symptoms end or after exposure to a person with symptoms.

Electronic sessions over Google Hangout are always a great option!

Keep in touch and let me know what you'd prefer.  Stay healthy and thank you in advance!

Keep your eyes on the positive side of things - take advantage of this opportunity to rest, go for walks, read, write, and connect with family.  Play board games, do a jigsaw puzzle, and plan ahead for some of the exciting things you will accomplish in the future.  This too shall pass!

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