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Test Prep

It often feels like everything depends on test scores, and it is my mission to help each student reach his or her maximum potential without stress or anxiety.  SGL Tutoring ensures achievement through: 
1. Diagnostic Assessment
We will begin our work with a full-length diagnostic test.  A detailed report will be provided pinpointing successes and challenges by subject and question type.  From there, we will create an action plan to raise test scores.
2. Test and Strategy Instruction
Instruction about the test itself (format, scoring, question types, answer choices, and tempting wrong answers) and strategy (tricks, tips, and shortcuts) will be a critical part of the client learning to test smarter, not harder - and raise their score.  


3. Drill and Practice
Practice makes perfect.  We will focus on vocabulary building, marking the text, reading with purpose, correcting grammatical problems, reading charts and graphs, and brushing up on math skills.  Full-length, timed practice tests are necessary to improve scores and get comfortable with the test and the new strategies we will learn. 
4. Mental Preparedness
Planning for test day and the week leading up to it is crucial in translating all our work into a higher score.  We will cover everything from meeting nutritional needs and supplies to time management and mindset.  



ACT/ SAT                                    
English Language and Composition
English Literature and Composition
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