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SGL Tutoring specializes in English Language Arts, Psychology, and Test Prep/ Study Skills.  The SGL Tutoring mission is to help all students achieve and surpass their goals. 

  • Use context clues to determine meaning in all genres of text
  • Build strategies like read aloud/ think aloud, asking questions, and making inferences
  • Mark-the-text, take notes, and outline to improve comprehension and retention
  • Identify and analyze main idea, theme, and character
  • Learn how to anticipate and answer text-dependent questions, test items, and essay prompts 
  • Learn key features and develop competence in all styles of writing: expository (cause and effect, problem-solution, definition, reflective), argumentative, analytical, and narrative
  • Use a foolproof writing process for addressing any prompt
  • Identify appropriate style, tone, diction, literary devices, transitions, and syntax based on audience and purpose
  • Find a distinctive personal voice
  • Full service editing, revising, and proofreading support
Speaking & Listening
  • Prepare and rehearse oral presentations
  • Use appropriate diction, physicality, tone, and pace
  • Practice inflection and intonation to appeal to audience
  • Review note-taking and annotation skills
  • Organize a search and identify credible sources for validity, authority, timeliness, and bias
  • Take quality (not quantity) notes using notecards and annotation
  • Create an effective outline to be organized into an essay
  • Differentiate between summarizing, paraphrasing, and plagiarism
  • Organize sources and create a professional works cited list or bibliography


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