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Planning for Success

Nothing worth anything was made without a plan.

Planning is an executive function that many of us take for granted. There are others who are in need of coaching to become a better planner.

Reasons to plan:

*When we plan something, we increase the odds that it will happen. 

*Planning allows us see different possible outcomes that we can avoid or ensure. 

*Planning decreases stress.  The brain works in such a way that once we have something to do, our mind will keep circling back to it until we have a plan to get it done.  Therefore, if we have plans made, we can free up our thoughts to focus on other things.  

Planning is essential to getting anything done well.  Planning requires breaking a task down into smaller pieces and deciding how and when to complete each piece. 

In my work as an executive function coach, I've seen scores of kids with weaker planning abilities. Once students learn to plan better, they realize that:

* An essay that is planned out in advance is coherent and organized.  

*Planning studying for multiple exams that are happening around the same time leads to better grades and less stress.  

The trickiest part of planning is that plans don’t always work out the way we want them to. Yet, there is still immense value in making plans.  Other executive functions like flexible thinking, emotional control, and self monitoring can help when things take an unexpected turn.

An executive function coach can help you strengthen your planning skills to make you more successful and less stressed.  

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