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The Importance of a Daily Homework Routine

Routines help decrease anxiety. They help us find comfort in chaos. 

The lives of high school students can be full of drama and activities, not to mention schoolwork to manage.  A daily routine is essential to prevent missing assignments, maximize studying for tests, and is crucial to prepare students for college (when there will be no one to manage their daily lives for them). 

Here is an overview of the daily routine I teach all my students:

Organization Check In

-Is everything where it belongs? 

-Are materials neat and in order?

Materials Management

-Is there anything that can be tossed or filed away for later?

-What do I need for tonight’s homework and for tomorrow?

Assignment Planning

-Check school’s online resources for assignments

-Use assignment notebook

-Consider upcoming tests/ quizzes and long term projects

Time Management

-What needs to get done tonight?

-How long will each assignment take?

Create a schedule for the evening – don’t forget to include time to eat, rest, and rejuvenate!

Contact me for more details or to schedule a session!  Use the comment feature below to provide feedback on what works for your student!

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