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Reading Strategies

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Whether your student hates or loves reading, struggles with comprehension or in-depth analysis, has ADHD/ learning disability or is a straight A honors student, working one on one with a specialist can take skills a long way. Any student can improve their reading skills through individualized instruction and guidance in the following active reading strategies (to mention a few of many):

Creating Images:

Visualizing what you read can improve comprehension and memory of the text.

Asking Questions:

Interacting with the text is one of the most important ways you can keep your mind focused on a text. Ask questions about something confusing, or ask check-in questions - what is the main idea in this paragraph? It's okay if you can't answer the questions! Just write them down to come back to later.


Monotony, zoning out, and distractions can creep in while reading something difficult.

Writing down summaries or two-word recaps of a paragraph, page or chapter is a key way to process information and encode it into your long-term memory.

These are just three of the active reading strategies that can help a reader improve. Try them out and let me know what questions come up!

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