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Organization Coaching

Organization coaching takes two main forms: mental and physical. Below, see some of the key components in each area that we build in coaching sessions.

Physical Organization

  • Keeping materials neat and categorized

  • Setting up binders into sections

  • Having the materials needed at the necessary times

  • Computer desktop

  • Google drive

  • iPhone home screen

  • Sequencing notes and handouts chronologically and by unit

  • Return materials to where they belong

  • Clean up at the end of a work period

  • Maintain order in personal materials

  • Set up notes in a way that is easy to follow and remember

Mental Organization

  • Sequence ideas appropriately

  • Tell a story with a beginning, middle, and end

  • Develop an outline or list for tasks and topics

  • Prepare an essay coherently and with transitions

  • Keep a train of thought in conversation and in writing

  • Develop mnemonic strategies for remembering vocabulary

  • Create visual pictures to map passages, notes, and study materials

  • Seeing relationships between ideas: cause & effect, adding on, chronology, etc.

I'd love to hear from you about things that have worked for you in staying organized!

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