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Meditation is for hippies

What if I think meditation is weird?

If you’re not comfortable with meditation in its most popular form (sitting criss cross apple sauce, hands on knees, eyes closed), try a different form! There are many:






-Being in nature



Any time you can focus deeply on something, you are engaging in a form of meditation. Meditation is for everyone. Find what works for you.

I read a lot of neuropsych evaluations. Doctors, mental health and education professionals recommend meditation for students with executive function and attention disorders.

I have a personal history with meditation. When I was a senior in high school, I was beyond stressed out about the college decision. I knew I was going to college. I had narrowed down my potential careers to a handful.

Yet, still, I struggled with anxiety that was turning into physical health problems. I relied heavily on my family, teachers, and other outlets to get through this tough time.

I tried yoga. I found a new peace. I found a new challenge. I found the most powerful outlet for negative energy yet! It literally changed my life.

It was meditation. It was the lessons about breath and focus. It was the positivity, the non-judgment, the development of strength and self-respect.

In today’s society, we are ALL CRYING OUT for these things whether we realize it or not!

I took two unforgettable and formative courses at the University of Michigan from the most amazing professor Richard Mann - the Psychology of Consciousness focused partly on meditation. Dr. Mann took us to a Zen Buddhist Temple in town to learn meditation. We also read Meditation for Dummies.

I highly recommend learning about meditation as soon as possible, as it was so helpful for me and I see it working for so many successful people!

People from all walks of life meditate in some way, shape or form. Be open to new things and learning. Continually strive to improve yourself and grow.

Here are some ways teens can start meditating:

-Find 10 free minutes on a not-so-busy or stressful day

-Download Headspace

-Find a meditation to try!

-Repeat once a week

Are you becoming a hippie? ;)

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