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Goal Setting

Setting goals is important for staying focused and being our best. For goals to be most effective, consider these guidelines:

  • Specificity - create concrete goals with outcomes that can be measured and verified

  • Purpose - think about why this goal is important and what it create in terms of future opportunities and self-esteem

  • Actions - list the things you will need to do to reach this goal

  • Timeline - schedule what needs to be done to achieve this goal in the short term, long term, and on a consistent regular basis

  • Key Performance Indicators - how will I know I am being successful towards reaching my goal? how will I know my goal has been met?

Check out this example:

Goal: Get straight A's second semester

Purpose: To get into the journalism school at my college

To get on honor roll

To stay on the basketball team

Actions: Organize materials at the end of the school day

Use my assignment notebook

Study regularly, not just the day before the test

Schedule meetings with teachers to ask questions

Timeline: Study a little bit every weekend

Put up post its around the house and in my locker to stay focused on my goal

Block out the two weekends before final exams so I have time to start studying


KPI's: Grades

Teacher feedback

Stress level 1-10

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