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Winter Break 2021

Wishing all of you happiness, health and continued growth in 2022!

Over the last year, I loved seeing all the kids go back to learning IN school. This was yet another transition, though, and I worked with dozens of kids who had a hard time adjusting to the change in pace. Many of the students I work with feel overwhelmed by all the work they now have to manage after missing a full year of normal instruction and schoolwork.

One-on-one support either in person or remote helped my students immensely. The strategies they acquired help them feel more in control of the workload.

Helping a student and family work through transitions like this makes me so happy. It is my true honor and pleasure to work with my community of parents, students, and education/ psychology professionals.

Thank you for trusting me with your children. I am so grateful to do this work that I love.

I am here and working over the break if you need to schedule any sessions!

Here are a few highlights from my students' work in 2021. They make me so proud!

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